Sunday, 5 June 2011

Quick Survey

My initial concern about "blogging" was that I'd perhaps reveal too much about myself, or my life and that it would possibly cause my children some discomfort/anger/embarrassment, etc, etc.... This concern has temporarily left me and I have decided to post a short survey/quiz.

1) The kitchen bench has disappeared, (under school notices, drink bottles, the slow cooker); and you have dirty dishes to put somewhere. You:
a) wouldn't put a dirty dish in the kitchen
b) put it on top of the clean dishes in the drainer, or
c) balance it precariously on said slow cooker, empty dishwasher and put clean dishes away, then place previously balanced item in dishwasher.

2) A pile of your clean, ironed clothes are sitting at the top of the stairs. (Please assume that the person responsible for this laziness, had her arms full on her last 6 trips down the stairs.) You:
a) Trip on them and curse the idiot that left something clearly in your path
b) Step over them carefully, making momentary mental note where that particular T-shirt is. (Just need to add that you don't retain this fleeting observation), or
c) Pick them up, take to your room and place neatly in drawers/hang in robe, possibly mumbling a thanks to the person who picked them up off the floor, washed, hung, collected and ironed them.

3) You have been asked to mow the lawn (the amount of times is irrelevant). You

a) didn't know the grass required semi regular cutting; you're quite impressed at your growing knowledge

b) you toss the rubbish etc. on to the concrete area and get on with it, or

c) collect and place rubbish in the wheelie bin, mow, clean and put mower away; and continue to edge the lawns (sorry, had to throw a bit of humour in there)

If you picked mostly "a"

You will more than likely be the child whose parent/s drop everything when as an adult you require help. You will need to only pick up the phone to almost instantly acquire a baby sitter, cooked meal, money or someone to deliver petrol to you 80km away. This is possibly due to a  late in life diagnosis of your mental illness.

If you picked mostly "b"

Statistics show that you will grow to most resemble your primary carer. Your own parenting days will be filled with thoughts similar to "bloody lazy sods", closely followed by "oh they work pretty hard and pretend to have manners in public". This path on its own may lead to a late in life diagnosis of mental health issues.

If you picked mostly "c"

You remain the favourite child in the family. You continue to be praised long after you leave home (at age 28). There is a slight possibility that your acknowledgement of being the favourite forces you to question your place in the world and may lead to a late in life diagnosis of severe mental health issues.

Any similarities to those mentioned above; either living, dead or somewhat comotose in front of the x-box is purely intentional. The author reserves the right to "accidentally" leave pre-fixes off words to create ambiguity.

I look forward to posting the "Yang" version of this quiz. Thank you for reading.

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